HDAC Inhibitors Could Wipe Out Breast, Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells

"Scientists at the University of Miami have developed a genetically engineered cell line to show that HDAC inhibitors could potentially target and stamp out “stubborn reservoirs” of breast and ovarian cancer stem cells. Cancer stem cells often evade traditional cancer therapies that tend to target fast-growing cells. In addition to drug resistance, these stem cells are also associated with metastasis and relapse. They are hard to study because they divide slowly and are present in very small numbers, according to a statement. So, in order to isolate and understand these cells, the University of Miami team built an analog." Fierce Pharma

Usually we tell you all about the wonders of Low Dose Naltrexone, and lets us tell you... it is wonderful. But the lesser mentioned MENK is also wonderful. Met-enkephalin, some times referred to as Opioid Growth Factor (OGF) have been studied by a number of scientists but the most published of these are Dr. Ian Zagon and his team from Pennsylvania State Medical Center at Hershey extensively in relationship to growth – especially in cancer and Dr. Nicholas Plotnikoff in conjunction with. Bihari and Dr. Ronald Herberman and Robert Good in the treatment of HIV/AIDS and cancer. MENK and LDN are both great adjucnts to a lot of cancer treatments as many treatments kill good cells as well. MENK and LDN boost your immune while the other treatments are killing both tithe good and the bad cells. Although both can work independently as well. Give it a try and trust ing the magic of MENK an LDN.