Lodnal and Cancer and Chemo

"Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, New Jersey’s largest health insurance plan, will cover NantHealth’s GPS Cancer molecular test for investigational cancer studies for certain types of lung, breast and colon cancers. The hope is that the test could improve treatment while cutting costs." - Emily Wasserman

We are totally on board for cutting cost and detecting cancer early. There are many forms of cancer and many symptoms, but obviously the earlier you catch it the better chance of beating it!  Once cancer has been detected, there are seldom options in mainstream health care. Chemo and radiation are the favorite therapies. Since we are the topic of cancer and cutting cost, we would like to tell you about another option called Lodonal. Lodonal has been known to treat cancer and put patients in remission and live a healthy normal life. Plus statically speaking over 90% patients who go through chemo don't make it longer than 5 years. If that doesn't scare you when taking chemo I don't know what will. Side note, taking Lodonal with chemo does increase your chance of survival as well. Lodonal boost your endorphins levels by around 300% and balances your immune system. When chemo kills all the bad AND good cells, Lodonal keeps the good cells strong and fighting! If you know someone battling cancer, send our warm thoughts their way and tell them they need to be on Lodonal.