LDN and Multiple Sclerosis Example

"Our son , this month, has celebrated 9 years on LDN.

He has been very fortunate in that he has never had a sign of ms since the first week on LDN and never experienced the common sleep problems even the first night and has said he has slept better from the beginning.

His MRI"s have shown no furthur progression of of ms since the original diagnostic MRI.

He is now 45, works long hours, travels ,and we are all very thankful to  the late Dr. Bahari, Dr. Gluck and Joel and all of you for getting the Ldn word out.

He has never taken any other ms drug.

He started right off on 3mg.,but in the past 2-3 years,at Jayne's advise, he takes just 2mg three times a week with the same good results.

Many thanks to all of you faithful longtime advisors.