Gene Mutation and the benefits of Lodonal

Using whole-exome sequencing, a previously unannotated gene variant involved in immune cell development has recently been uncovered. The results might lead to new therapies for patients with immunodeficiency diseases. An international group of scientists headed up by Kaan Boztug from the CeMM Research Institute for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences published the results in the journal Nature Immunology. Genetic variants are present in the population and can be either common or rare, both types influencing the health and disease of an individual.

We are always genetically mutating. Sometimes its for the advancement of man kind and sometimes its not beneficial. But when your immune system mutates it usually not a good thing. That's where Lodonal  comes in. Low Dose Naltrexone (Lodonal) balances the immune system reverting it back to normal. This is why Lodonal works for so many diseases. Many of the diseases Lodonal works for is autoimmune diseases. Aka mutations in the immune system.