LDN and Ulcerative Colitis, PSC

Just another amazing story of LDN helping another family. It is truly amazing to witness all the lives LDN are bettering everyday. 

"After trying to get him to start LDN for over a year, and his resisting, he had a bad flare of his ulcerative colitis (which he had never had before because he was on asecol and 6 MP for many years and it kept his UC under control, but which his doctor took him off after being diagnosed with PSC, with the thought that those medications could have been contributing to his liver problems).   Shortly thereafter he went on LDN and within a few months his liver functions values all plummeted to the normal range.  All his inflammation markers also returned to normal.  (Since his hepatologist was not knowledgeable about LDN, nor willing to prescribe it off label, we had to purchase it on our own, and make a liquid solution by dissolving 50 mg tablets in water, and gradually finding the effective dose.)    
My son has been on LDN for over a year and is completely normal in every way.  His hepatologist has also put him on URSO, although all the literature says that it does nothing to cure the PSC, but just makes liver bile less viscous and thus reduces friction and irritation to the bile ducts.  Although he now cheats on gluten (not a good practice), his continuing blood tests shows all normal values for liver and inflammation.  "

- Warren