LDN and Parkinson's - Dr. Bihari

"I have treated 7 patients with Parkinson's disease with LDN starting 4 years ago with the most recent beginning LDN 6 months ago. All 7 cases who are now on LDN an average of 24 months have shown at least an arrest of the disease progression since starting LDN. Most have been able to decrease the dosage of dopamine precursor drugs to decrease their side effects without loss of function. Two of the 7 had unilateral Parkinson's involving only one side of the body. In both over a period of several months on LDN there was a complete reversal of the clinical deficits. None of the 7 have shown any disease progression, which is otherwise inevitable in Parkinson's. It appears that the LDN works by increasing serum beta endorphin and metenkephlin levels thereby modulating through their immune system regulation the inflammatory process. This subsequently stops the neuronal scarring that underlies the pathophysiology of the disease. Since the neuropathology and the neurophysiciology of the progressive supra nuclear palsy, pallid parameters degeneration and Hollervarden Spotz disease are so similar to that of Parkinson's disease they are highly likely to respond to LDN as well as Parkinson's to LDN." - Dr. Bernard Bihari, M.D (Founder of LDN)