Zika Vaccine almost ready to go?

"Chasing two U.S.-developed vaccine candidates, India’s Bharat Biotech says it’s ready to start testing its Zika shot in humans. It just needs the go-ahead from Indian officials to get started, according to a local media report. The company has wrapped up preclinical work on Zikavac, an inactivated shot that Bharat believes could win fast-track support from authorities, and is awaiting a government nod to proceed, according to Livemint. India is among the countries most vulnerable to a Zika outbreak, a recent Lancet study found. Bharat’s proposed Phase I trial would test the vaccine in about 100 participants, Livemint reported." - FiercePharma 

This would be a game changer in the Zika world and hopefully it is successful. Zika has the power for a large scale outbreak but if people are well prepared then we don't have to worry about it. LDN is also another option for preventing Zika. LDN boost your immune system (technically it balances it) there it makes getting sick a whole lot more difficult.