Anticancer bacteria found in gut?

Researchers have recently demonstrated a mechanism by which two important strains of bacteria found in the human gut play a role in boosting the effectiveness of a routinely administered anticancer drug. The authors suggest that an intermediate metabolite released from the bacteria might be exerting these effects and understanding this may lead to the development of new drugs to target cancer.

It's 2016.. we have to be close to finding a cure for cancer right? Well some people say we have already found a cure but Big Pharma crushes it because it is not a money maker. Chemo and radiation are money makers. There are a lot of effective strategies to treating cancer (Chemo and Radiation are not the answer FYI) But there has to be a solution for this disease that has been around for so long. It appears some researchers are close and finding that our own body already has the answer potentially. Of course there is LDN and MENK which have been proven to treat cancer and send patients into remission. LDN builds up your immune cells and helps kills cancer cells. When you have a strong immune system there is nothing that can attack your body. Give your body the best and your body will give you the best!