Patient Review with LDN and Elderly

"I worked with elderly patients for years as a Nurse Practitioner.  I personally have an extensive autoimmune arthritis that is quite possibly part ankylosing spondylitis and so I have studied that particular disorder a lot.
I have been helped GREATLY by LDN, but the results did not come until I carefully titrated my dose to find the one that is effective, which turned out to be much lower than the general recommendation.  I take 1.8 mg LDN per night.  I highly recommend you try this for your father.  The pain relief for me was almost immediate (while my other autoimmune disease symptoms went through a flare before improving).  I should add that I also take CBD oil, which I think is synergistic with LDN, and I also highly recommend you try for your father." - Holly

Low Dose Naltrexone can work wonders for the elderly just as works wonders for younger people as well. It also helps with kids with Autism and Pediatric Crohns, and has anti properties.