Immuno Therapy and Car-T Cells

"In patients with follicular lymphoma, a receptor called HVEM is mutated half of the time, and the mutations can lead to growth of the cancer. To combat this, the scientists engineered a CAR-T cell to deliver the HVEM protein normally produced by healthy cells. And the CAR-T cell acts as a sort of “micro-pharmacy” that continuously makes the protein locally. Previously, CAR-T cells were thought to directly attack cancer cells, but the new research, published in Cell, demonstrates they can have even more of an impact." - Michael Gibney

He also notes "In animal tests, the protein-producing CAR-T cells performed better than the control." We are aware that Immuno Therapy and Car-T cells are the way of the future in the health industry. But it is also the way the of the future in the pet industry as well. We know LDN can beneficial to you! We believe in you, do you?