Rheumatoid Arthritis and LDN (Lodonal) Success Stories

"I have severe RA and LDN got me off of everything else, except occasionally some naproxen (alleve). When I got off prednisone (after i started LDN), towards the end I dropped down VERY slowly, about 1/2 mg. every couple of weeks. (My doc prescribed 1 mg tablets when I needed them to so this.) Never had any problems getting off methotrexate. I started on LDN at 3 mg nightly, switched to AM for a week to get over sleep issues then back to nightly, went to 4.5 mg after the first 30 days. Once I learned to take it at least 2 hours after eating, it kicked in after a couple of weeks. Then every couple of months I would realize that some sypmtoms had gone away. I do seem to get returning sypmtoms if I fall off my gluten free diet. I now get out of bed in the morning and start doing something as compared to not getting up until noon or later. I can get up off a couch without effort. I can open jars. My knees don't hurt anymore. I lost weight. My blood work has improved significantly. I am no longer taking rituxan infusions. No more methrotrexate, no prednisone. I am taking RESTORE for gut health, it seems to help. I used various anti-imflammatory products for various joint pains, especially when getting off prednisone.  I plan to stay on LDN and gluten free diet forever, it works for me. Even the rituxan was only just better than nothing, which isn't saying much.

Hope this helps.

Good luck with the LDN if you decide to try it. "

- Kaye