LDN and Fibromyalgia Success Story - Lodonal

"I started taking LDN about 3-4 months ago. Here's my experience: Like the studies, I've found that it's reduced my pain by about 30%. The type of pain I experience has also shifted. I used to have far more shooting, voodoo doll-type pains. I have less of that kind of pain now and more of the achy, throbbing kind. I seem to have a little less brain fog. I have noticed no difference in fatigue levels. I was just diagnosed w/ fibro about a year ago. Until starting LDN, I had tried four other drugs, none of which did anything to help w/ pain relief and some actually made me feel much worse due to side effects, plus I gained 25 pounds in the process. I will take ANY improvement and b/c of that, I am grateful that I was able to find a doctor to prescribe LDN. They would have to pry that bottle out of my hands by force at this point to take it from me since it's the only thing that's offered me any relief."