Lodonal (LDN) and Ulcerative colitis and LDN and children

My daughter has ulcerative colitis & LDN has been a life saver in keeping it well controlled. I buy it in pill form & mix with water so as to get best control of dosages. She started ldn 2 years ago at .5 mg & worked up to 1.75 mg over time. I noticed that once she reached that dose she seemed to flare up a bit & it seemed to effect her mood as well. She is very drug sensitive so after experimenting with different doses, we found that a micro dose of 1 DROP (I would guess this is approximately equal to .25 mg) works the best for her! Even at that low of a dose, she still does best if she takes a 1 day break from it about every 4-5 days. Her most current gastroenterologist is not an out-of-the-box thinker so he is not aware that she takes it at this point. He did say that her most recent labs/blood work were 'beautiful' & that is music to our ears. :-)  She is no longer anemic or malnourished. She has always been very touchy with anything she takes (even natural stuff)