Lodonal as an adjunct

"I have used LDN and prednisone. Some will say no steroids which was a belief that you should not use whilst taking LDN. It was once thought that LDN should not be used by pregnant and nursing women too. My LDN friendly neuro at a major hospital put me on 60mg of prednisone. I found that the LDN helped the prednisone to be more effective and with a good diet i.e. Keto, IF, etc kept the nasty side effects away. 

For me omg is triggered when I'm having anxiety and extreme stress. So when I have that feeling in my solar plexus area I'm sure to do deep breathing to settle it down. I believe it can be beat with persistence diet LDN and prednisone. You just need time and a mastery understanding of how it affects you. Hope this helps. Good luck. "