Lodonal and Progressive MS Success Story

"This is a copy of the letter I sent to PubMed. While there I checked out what
clinical trials are being performed. They are doing trials on low dose naltrexone
for cancers:

Hi, I am a person with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. I have started
taking a low dose of naltrexone. I was headed for a wheelchair. I used a walker and
have used a cane. I have Optic Neuritis.

I no longer use a walker or cane. I can walk on my own for 1.5 km. My Optic Neuritis
of 5 years is 99.5% gone. Better bladder and bowel functions and no fatigue. 

This drug needs a clinical trail or word put out to doctors that this is a good
treatment for ms. I take 4.5mg of Naltrexone for MS. It has surprised my doctor and
pharmacist. The information about this use is found at www.lowdosenaltrexone.org . I
hope you will consider sending this information to some one to do some clinical
trials on it."