LDN as an Adjunct

"Hello.  After many years of reading every post, I have tapered off and don't visit much any more.  The reason?  My wife is in good health.  Other than taking a raft of supplements each day, we really don't think about her stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis (October 2007) any more.

LDN is a foundation of her regimen and she has been on it since January 2008, but we do much more.  IV-C, injected B17, oral D3 and K2, Inf Zyme, Burdock Root, Grape seed Extract, Resveratrol, Cell Forte Max, selenium, curcumin, IP-6, and a few others.

Here's wishing all the very best on their recovery journey.  My view is that LDN is a miracle drug, but you can't rely on it alone.  I hope each of you find your path to health."