Lodonal Success Story SPMS

"I want to thank you so much for recommending LDN to me for my daughter. She started it on September 4, 2003, just over two months ago. She has SPMS and could not walk at all, couldn't read because her eyes "jumped" all the time, could hardly move from the couch to the wheelchair, was weak, dizzy and nauseus much of the time and slept almost all the time.  In this short time her speech is absolutely normal, she can read everything, no more nauseau, dizziness or weakness, she can completely dress herself, sleeps 7-8 hours a night and no more during the day (once in a while a short nap), looks and feels very well. Last night she walked up and down the hall (holding railings) twice before watching her favourite tv shows. In short, it's a miracle and I have you thank. Keep spreading the word. She sees her neurologist in January - he will be amazed, I know. He was wonderful to prescribe LDN but did caution us that it probably wouldn't help! I have told him what has happened and although he says it is probably a coincidence, I think he realizes there is something important here. She went through a couple of weeks of her legs being very stiff but when she changed the time she took LDN from 1 am to 10:30 pm, it went completely away.

Thanks again."