Lodonal and LDN for Brain Lesions

"Back in Sept*. I wrote, letting you all know that it was my 1 Yr. anniversary of being on LDN. I've had nothing but positive to say about it, and still don't. In fact, my reason for this post, is to let you know that I saw the films from my last MRI while seeing my Neuro a couple of weeks ago. After my examination, and my Neuro being quite impressed with seeing just how well I'm doing...He showed me my films.

For the past 5 yrs. I've had 4, extremely noticable, lesions on my brain, all of which glowed brightly for my MRI's! Except now - 3 of the lesions are just about gone. And one, has shrunk quite a bit. All of which, even my Neuro feels, is happening because the lesions are healing themselves. This is NOT in my mind!!! Here is a doctor that hasn't prescribed the LDN for me, but stood there telling me NOT TO STOP what I'm doing!! I know That won't happen! I've stopped everything he had me on, from shots to pills, before starting the LDN so I would know it's full effects. And I have to say - I couldn't be doing any better. Did I mention I went Hiking this week-end? Something I haven't done in 5 yrs!! "