LDN Success Story

"Don't give up! I've been on LDN for almost two months. The way it is "seeming" to
work with me, is that I am "reversing" through all my past exacerbations...For
instance, in the beginning, I started with tingling and numbness in my legs, and
haven't had that for years. When I first started on LDN, that was one of the first
things to "reappear"...but only for a day or so. Again, another first symptom, I
use to get numbness and tingling on my lips and cheeks whenever I started an
exacerbation---(maybe for the first five years)...and voila---the second old symptom
to reappear for a few days was that numbness in lips and cheeks.

It's been pretty quiet physically for the past two weeks, but yesterday I had a
"flare-up" of vision disturbances; again, from a previous exacerbation---that lasted
most of the day yesterday, but is totally gone this morning.  

For me, it appears to be a process of going back through all the old _ _ _ _!

But this week, on the up-side, I have again noticed several new improvements..I am
able to "slip" my feet into my shoes when getting them on (have had to place them on
my feet manually for years)......I was doing part of a Denise Austin exercise tape
today, and realized I was standing in the middle of the floor, and not holding on to
the wall while doing the strethching and light aerobics.

It almost seems that for each old symptom which momentarily comes back, I get
something new "back" that I can do!

Just give it a chance and see what happens."