Leucocytoclastic Vasculitis and Lodonal (LDN)

Along the way the diagonosis was changed to Leucocytoclastic Vasculitis.  At 58 yrs of age I found myself unable to work or even do the normal things around the house to keep it clean and together. To cut a long story short I found the LDN site and decided to give it a go. Asked my immunologist to prescribe LDN but he refused. Found a GP who also has cryoglobulinaemia and yes he was sympathetic and gave me a script. That was three weeks ago.

I've just finished painting the house. I've stopped taking Plaquenil. I've cut the prednisone dose down. My weight has gone down about 7 kg already without any effort on my part. The lawns are mowed, windows cleaned and cobwebs removed. I bounce out of bed each morning with my head full of plans for the day and the energy to carry them out.I even dusted off the ultra-light aircraft the other day.

I havn't felt this good in years! LDN works!