Patient Testimonials of Lodonal and RA

"I spent the Easter holiday in Hawaii with my father and his wife. He’s 82 and his wife, Mary, is 75. She’s had Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years now, and rarely gets through the night without pain and stiffness.

On April 4th, I suggested she try LDN for her RA and gave her a 4.5mg tablet from my prescription. She continued taking it nightly for the next 7 nights. The 2nd day after starting LDN, she did not experience the usual arthritic pain she was accustomed to, and some other minor ailments she had also disappeared.

Before her own prescription arrived, the 8-day supply I gave her on the 11th ran out and for 2 days she was without LDN. By the 2nd day, the pain and stiffness from her arthritis had returned, so she was glad to get back on LDN on the 21st. The return of the arthritis after only a short time off LDN was proof positive to her that LDN works. "