Lodonal and Lymphedema

Improvements in Lymphedema

At the advice of her Whitaker Wellness physician, Nancy began taking LDN as an overall immune booster because she’d had cancer in her pelvic region five years ago. Most of the lymph nodes in both of her legs were removed, and she underwent a course of radiation therapy. About a year later, Nancy developed a severe case of lymphedema in her right leg.

Lymphedema is a chronic and often painful condition marked by a buildup of lymph fluid that often affects cancer patients who have undergone lymph node removal and radiation. Nancy’s leg was so enlarged and heavy that she had difficulty putting on her pants, and her shoe left deep indentations on her foot. Her mobility was limited, and at times sticky lymphatic fluid would seep through her skin. Her conventional doctors told her there was nothing they could do for her.

But within days of starting LDN, the lymphedema in her leg diminished noticeably. Her success inspired fellow employee Bobbi, who’d had 21 lymph nodes removed from her armpit during breast cancer surgery and developed lymphedema in her left arm, to start taking LDN as well. Bobbi’s been taking LDN and reports considerably less heaviness and achiness, as well as a loss of one-half inch in the circumference of her arm.

— from Health & Healing by Julian Whitaker, MD