Rheumatoid Arthritis and LDN (Lodonal) Success Stories

"I have severe RA and LDN got me off of everything else, except occasionally some naproxen (alleve). When I got off prednisone (after i started LDN), towards the end I dropped down VERY slowly, about 1/2 mg. every couple of weeks. (My doc prescribed 1 mg tablets when I needed them to so this.) Never had any problems getting off methotrexate. I started on LDN at 3 mg nightly, switched to AM for a week to get over sleep issues then back to nightly, went to 4.5 mg after the first 30 days. Once I learned to take it at least 2 hours after eating, it kicked in after a couple of weeks. Then every couple of months I would realize that some sypmtoms had gone away. I do seem to get returning sypmtoms if I fall off my gluten free diet. I now get out of bed in the morning and start doing something as compared to not getting up until noon or later. I can get up off a couch without effort. I can open jars. My knees don't hurt anymore. I lost weight. My blood work has improved significantly. I am no longer taking rituxan infusions. No more methrotrexate, no prednisone. I am taking RESTORE for gut health, it seems to help. I used various anti-imflammatory products for various joint pains, especially when getting off prednisone.  I plan to stay on LDN and gluten free diet forever, it works for me. Even the rituxan was only just better than nothing, which isn't saying much.

Hope this helps.

Good luck with the LDN if you decide to try it. "

- Kaye

LDN as an Adjunct

"Hello.  After many years of reading every post, I have tapered off and don't visit much any more.  The reason?  My wife is in good health.  Other than taking a raft of supplements each day, we really don't think about her stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis (October 2007) any more.

LDN is a foundation of her regimen and she has been on it since January 2008, but we do much more.  IV-C, injected B17, oral D3 and K2, Inf Zyme, Burdock Root, Grape seed Extract, Resveratrol, Cell Forte Max, selenium, curcumin, IP-6, and a few others.

Here's wishing all the very best on their recovery journey.  My view is that LDN is a miracle drug, but you can't rely on it alone.  I hope each of you find your path to health."


LDN and Fibromyalgia Success Story - Lodonal

"I started taking LDN about 3-4 months ago. Here's my experience: Like the studies, I've found that it's reduced my pain by about 30%. The type of pain I experience has also shifted. I used to have far more shooting, voodoo doll-type pains. I have less of that kind of pain now and more of the achy, throbbing kind. I seem to have a little less brain fog. I have noticed no difference in fatigue levels. I was just diagnosed w/ fibro about a year ago. Until starting LDN, I had tried four other drugs, none of which did anything to help w/ pain relief and some actually made me feel much worse due to side effects, plus I gained 25 pounds in the process. I will take ANY improvement and b/c of that, I am grateful that I was able to find a doctor to prescribe LDN. They would have to pry that bottle out of my hands by force at this point to take it from me since it's the only thing that's offered me any relief."

Lodonal (LDN) and Ulcerative colitis and LDN and children

My daughter has ulcerative colitis & LDN has been a life saver in keeping it well controlled. I buy it in pill form & mix with water so as to get best control of dosages. She started ldn 2 years ago at .5 mg & worked up to 1.75 mg over time. I noticed that once she reached that dose she seemed to flare up a bit & it seemed to effect her mood as well. She is very drug sensitive so after experimenting with different doses, we found that a micro dose of 1 DROP (I would guess this is approximately equal to .25 mg) works the best for her! Even at that low of a dose, she still does best if she takes a 1 day break from it about every 4-5 days. Her most current gastroenterologist is not an out-of-the-box thinker so he is not aware that she takes it at this point. He did say that her most recent labs/blood work were 'beautiful' & that is music to our ears. :-)  She is no longer anemic or malnourished. She has always been very touchy with anything she takes (even natural stuff)

Lodonal (LDN) and Dupuytren Success Stories

 "I had slowly worsening Dupuytren's when I started LDN for other reasons. It stopped getting worse immediately and there was even some improvement. I was doing homeopathic therapies for it at the same time, so I can't say that LDN was the total cure, but it might have been. If it wasn't, then it was an important part of the cure, perhaps the factor that brought success. No sign of it since then; it's been two years now. At the time, someone posted on this listserve that their Dupuytrens "melted away" when they started LDN. Perhaps you can search the archives for more comments about it. I hope it works for you!"

Lodonal and Crohns and Psoriasis (LDN Success Stories)

My son has crohns and psoriasis, for him the psoriasis was an indicator of how severe his crohns was. After about 3 weeks his psoriasis had disappeared except for maybe a 1/4 of the size of a dime on his neck wear his collars rub.  I would guess around 20-25% of his body was covered before starting ldn. He had large areas covering both shins, knees, elbows, chest, back, neck and top of his head, the head one was probably half the size of a cd/DVD and it looked like he was balding and he was only 11. 

Within a week he also had more energy and was in a good mood instead of being tired and cranky all the time. His colds and common illnesses are shortened and he has greater pain tolerance, he rarely gets headaches so I can't answer that but it seemed to help maybe 50% with crohns symptoms, it never fully cured it on its own, we used diet and xifaxan to bring it fully under control. 

It's been six years since he started and I just remembered and didn't include in my previous reply that after working up to 3.5 the doctor upped the dose to 4.5 and after a few weeks his psoriasis started coming back. It took a lot of arguing to get it back down to a 3.5 dose, some doctors believe everyone should be at 4.5, you should always experiment, if a higher dose results in better results, go with it but everyone is different and may have a better response with less.

Lodonal as an adjunct

"I have used LDN and prednisone. Some will say no steroids which was a belief that you should not use whilst taking LDN. It was once thought that LDN should not be used by pregnant and nursing women too. My LDN friendly neuro at a major hospital put me on 60mg of prednisone. I found that the LDN helped the prednisone to be more effective and with a good diet i.e. Keto, IF, etc kept the nasty side effects away. 

For me omg is triggered when I'm having anxiety and extreme stress. So when I have that feeling in my solar plexus area I'm sure to do deep breathing to settle it down. I believe it can be beat with persistence diet LDN and prednisone. You just need time and a mastery understanding of how it affects you. Hope this helps. Good luck. "

Lodonal (LDN) and Teens

"When I was little I got diagnosed with RA several years later I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It was my freshman year of highschool and I couldn't even attend it. I ended up on home study freshman year tried to return to school for sophomore and junior. Lost almost 70 days in both years and my grades greatly suffered. By junior year my fibromyalgia triggered gastropharisis and I was very ill. Senior year I returned to home study and once again rebounded with gastropharisis. I had seen ldn posted on the fibromyalgia association as well as Dr Oz. I wanted to try it but my doctor was too scared too. I was terrified about starting college with my track record of the last 4 years. After coming home from my rehumy I got online and ordered ldn from a pharmacy in Isreal desperate to find anything that could give me a shot in college and for the rest of my life. My life has changed completely. I haven't missed any days in college,I have a job that I'm always on my feet,a 4.0gpa, a microbiology website,and taken in to do scientific research. I have 1 day off a week and I have no pain I no longer suffer at all. LDN has changed my life I am so great full for my second chance."

Lodonal and Progressive MS Success Story

"This is a copy of the letter I sent to PubMed. While there I checked out what
clinical trials are being performed. They are doing trials on low dose naltrexone
for cancers:

Hi, I am a person with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. I have started
taking a low dose of naltrexone. I was headed for a wheelchair. I used a walker and
have used a cane. I have Optic Neuritis.

I no longer use a walker or cane. I can walk on my own for 1.5 km. My Optic Neuritis
of 5 years is 99.5% gone. Better bladder and bowel functions and no fatigue. 

This drug needs a clinical trail or word put out to doctors that this is a good
treatment for ms. I take 4.5mg of Naltrexone for MS. It has surprised my doctor and
pharmacist. The information about this use is found at www.lowdosenaltrexone.org . I
hope you will consider sending this information to some one to do some clinical
trials on it."

Lodonal and Hashimot0s Success Stories

"I too have Hashimots plus a number of other autoimmune diseases. 
I take the same dose you take and make it myself.
I have no problem with it making me hyperthyroid. It has made my Synthroid work better. If it did make me hyper i would lower the dose of the Synthroid, not the LDN. It has helped me in so many ways. Memory, pain, sleep, metabolism to name a few. I never felt the need to go higher. My sister takes 4.5mg for the same problems but I feel good on the lower dose so why increase it. It has been a God send for me.
Eudice G"

Lodonal for HIV and VL

"I have been on a drug holiday for 19 months now. My VL was starting to go
back up and t-cells going down.....then I learned about LDN. I started on
it in January 2005. My VL dropped by one-half within 6 weeks. As of my
last Dr. appt. on March 30th, my T-cells are higher than they have ever
been since I became +. My HIV doc told me that she thought LDN was a hoax
because "there haven't been any real clinical trials". Well Duh!! That's
because no drug companies have the patent rights to LDN, and they are the
one's who put $$ into clinical trials. So I went to my primary care doc,
and he wrote me a script.

My HIV doc has been very "surprised" by my results over the last 4
months. I have done nothing else different since January besides LDN. I
am the biggest skeptic in the world, but I tried LDN, and my numbers have
improved dramatically. I believe that my improved #'s are completely
associated with the LDN. And to get to the meat of your question....I am
a drinker too. I have had absolutely no noticeable side effects from LDN.
I take 4.5 mg at bedtime. My advice would be to try it. It has helped me.
In fact, I hope that I never have to go on HAART again. Hope this helps

Lodonal for the Family

"After reading every post here for 5 or 6 years after my wife started on LDN for stage 4 BC, I now only occasionally visit. Josie was diagnosed stage 4 in fall of 2007 by PET scan with 3 spinal
mets as well as uptake in spots on the liver and one lung.

She takes a long list of supplements (documented in previous yearly reports) and has been on LDN for over 9 years. Although you never completely forget that you are a cancer patient with a terminal diagnosis, we keep passing milestones.

At diagnosis, Josie's goals were to see our young daughters graduate  high school. We have now seen both of them graduate college. The youngest was just awarded her masters in physics. The older daughter is engaged to a wonderful guy, the wedding will be in September. We were able to go on a tour of Italy, Josie had never been to Europe before. She outlasted her oncologist who retired this past summer!

All this, with no further complications. Yes, a scare here and there, but nothing that amounted to much. We believe that LDN is at the foundation of her recovery.

LDN has also put my brother in remission from polymyositis. He suffered  with it for about 15 years. But that is another (success) story!

A very Happy New Year to all,